Step #6 Long-Term Plan

Step #6 Long-Term Plan

Yes, you will already have a co-buyer agreement at this point, but having a longer term vision is what will help you keep on course and focused on when to sell, rent or where to purchase next.  We recommend this planning start as soon as possible and then conduct a plan review every quarter.  Knowing where to buy and having some guidance on what criteria to use can help your data-driven decision making as not all markets are created equal. Here is a list of criteria to consider to help you evaluate market strength. 

Top 10 Market Criteria 

1.The number of sales of existing homes

2.The prices of existing homes

3.The volume of new construction

4.The local Economy

5. Population Trends

6. Unemployment Rate (now in recovery)

7. Job Growth

8. Median Household Income

9. Affordability

10. Preference