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Co-Buy Investment Example

A four-plex for sale in Colorado Springs, CO: $750k asking price, negotiated down to $700,000. Two co-buyers would need $70k each. They could each live in one unit and still have two units to rent. The other two units can be used as short-term rentals. This plan would completely pay their mortgage and have no payment needed on the part of the investors. Cash flow between $2,000 and $3,000 per month per person.

*These examples are for illustration purposes only and is a generalized approximation. Each borrower’s ability, credit factors, and income are unique scenarios and must be considered prior to qualification and cash requirements for purchase.




You can join the community for free by simply completing the registration process and developing a profile. We encourage you to bring your own partner and allow us to provide the process to protect your mutual interest.  As we add more investor members we will provide the option of working with a verified member of the GoHomeBuyersUnite network. However, with your current partner, we highly recommend you get background checks and then complete the co-buyer equity agreement which has very valuable language to help protect your interest. 

  • Free membership
  • Access to lenders and real estate agents
  • Background checks
  • Expert advice to avoid default
  • Co-Buyer equity agreements
  • Lower down payments
  • Credit repair referral resources
  • No sensitive data storage
  • Stronger market position

Absolutely! We encourage families, friends and acquaintances to join together to participate in the co-buying process.  We understand it can be awkward to ask people you know to undergo important background and sign legal agreements for exit strategies, so we are here to help make that process smoother and prepare you for potential challenges during your co-ownership.
Our free co-buyer resources provide support for our co-buyers. Our agreements have been developed as templates by a real estate attorney and include provisions to help plan for events such as job loss, early sales, and much more. Buying real estate is a serious investment and we want to guide you thorough the process with all the right tools to help you protect your investment. Please note that we do recommend that your final agreement be reviewed by your own attorney or we can provide you with a review from our own lawyer for a nominal fee.. 
Buying investment property and renting it out or flipping the property can be difficult for one buyer, but two motivated and vetted members reduce the risk and investment.  Our real estate agents can guide you through the process. 
The length of your partnership is up to you. You and your partner can agree to whatever time period works best for your partnership goals. 
We encourage your support and welcome your ideas.  We also welcome your shares, likes and subscribes with our social media!

We will be happy to provide you with logos, key messaging and materials for your use.

Investment Example

A HUD home for sale in Denver, CO at 20% below market - Have your adult son or daughter purchase the property as a principal residence, and you put up the down payment • Son or daughter gets an FHA 203k loan for 96.5% of the purchase price and all of the upgrade costs. One year after closing, son or daughter moves out and deeds property to an LLC of which you and he (or she) are partners.*

*This example is for illustration purposes only and is a generalized approximation. Each borrower’s ability, credit factors, and income are unique scenarios and must be considered prior to qualification and cash requirements for purchase.


Co-Buy Real Estate #OWNIT

Time to build your future! Register for free to gain access to our network, resources and process. And when you are ready to begin your purchase journey we will provide you with a free , confidential contract and buyer assessment.  You can also schedule a call with us here.

There is no fee, ever,  to access your free contract template or request an assessment. 

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Founded in Colorado in 2018 by Leena Bella Mayo, Go Home Buyers Unite or Go-HBU as we like to call our company, has been building the process, the network and the resources nationally to provide Go-HBU members with the best experience. 

Why Go-HBU and why now?  Consider the cost of housing has increased 48% while income has only risen 15% since 2011 and add the challenges of the pandemic and you can see it is more difficult than ever to afford a home or invest in rental property like Airbnb, THAT IS UNTIL NOW. 

Go Home Buyers Unite (Go-HBU) provides a free resource for anyone looking to buy real estate and who would consider doing it with a co-buyer. 

I know you may be thinking, buying with someone else sounds strange, and I would agree.   However, consider we also would have thought it strange 10 years ago if someone told us we could use our car to drive people around like a taxi (Uber), or rent out our hones to strangers for short periods of time (Airbnb). 

Also, consider, during the last several years the market has seen a quiet trend of co-borrowers and co-ownership increasing  significantly.  

The bottom line is we Americans have always been resilient and are now figuring out we need to work together with our family friends, love interest and other acquaintances to buy real estate to live and for investment purposes.

There are many ways people can choose to co-buy real estate: 

1- Buy with parents and grandparents who may or may not want to be named on the deed

2- Buy with a friend, co-worker, acquittance or  current roommate

3- Buy with other single parents to live in a desired community and school district 

4- Buy with investors who are interested in expanding their resources and willing to share equity as a co-signer or co-borrower 

And even though people have been buying property with co-borrowers for many years they have not been doing so with an organized system or offering the system to the public for free, until now. 

Leena Bella Mayo, Founder


When you join us for free we will connect you with an agent in your area who can help you start your planning.


GoHomeBuyersUnite, #OWNIT

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